Balabac Palawan Tips

Balabac Palawan… You haven’t seen Philippines’ best unless you see this! Unlike the touristy El Nido and Coron, Balabac is untouched by commercialism. You will have the islands to yourself even during a holiday.

🏝️ Finest, widest, longest white sand beaches in the country
🏝️ Bluest, clearest, cleanest water you wouldn’t resist
🏝️ Pink beach, white sand bars and starfish sandbars are some of the picture perfect places you can explore

Many Pinoys esp solo travelers have never heard of Balabac, or are hesitating to visit because of the hassle planning and expensive boat tours. But if you want to visit it this coming long weekend, read on the following tips.

💥If you want to travel fast, travel alone. If you want to travel far, travel together. Join a group tour held by Balabac locals which will not only cut your costs, since everything else will be provided for (full board meals, tents/hammock, transportation, insurance and local guides) but will also increase your safety as compared to traveling in a solo or with a small group. Besides, there are no other tourists in Balabac, you will never feel it’s crowded even though you’re in a group.
💥Bring your own snorkeling gears and dry bag. It’s a 3 to 4 days of paradise islands, having your own water gears will be worth it.
💥Cover up! Cover from the sun (sunscreen, shades and hat), cover up at night (long sleeve and pants sleeping wares) and cover up at day (rashguard, especially when in some islands where mosquitoes and sand flies are present). You can also DIY your own sunscreen with bug repellent mix.
💥Prepare your batteries, power bank or solar powered casing. Only Balabac town proper has electricity. There are generators in some islands though.
💥Bring extra cash. No ATMs in the area.
💥Expect to rough it out. This trip is not for the spoon-fed luxurious travelers, but for those who enjoy off the beaten track adventures.
💥Book your flight to Puerto Princesa the day before your Balabac trip, and fly out the day after.
💥The majority of Muslim population is a common concern for visitors, but it is actually safe there. It is best though for any guests (Pinoys and foreigners) to be accompanied by a local coordinator.


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  1. Paw Jacinto says:

    Thank you for this. Planning to go to Balabac this March. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Have a safe trip sir!


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